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Shive Tool

The shive tool is specifically designed to interact with a shive, facilitating its installation and removal from casks. Its geometric gear-shaped design ensures a snug fit with the shive, providing a firm grip and ease of use. Incorporating a square head, the tool is compatible with ratchets, offering additional leverage and control during the sealing process. This design ensures efficient handling and minimises the risk of damaging the shive or the cask.


For optimal results and to maintain the integrity of the casks, it’s recommended to use the shive tool when installing or removing the screw in shive. The precise design of the shive tool ensures that the shive is accurately positioned and securely fastened. Using other tools can result in improper fitting, which might lead to leaks or other sealing issues. Furthermore, incorrect tools can increase the risk of damaging both the shive and the cask, potentially affecting the quality of the brew inside. To guarantee the best outcome and longevity of your equipment, always opt for the shive tool designed specifically for the casks.

Additional Info

Our screw in shive too has been designed specifically for use with Emmerald Polymers cask shives, ensuring a precise fit and optimal sealing performance when paired with these particular containers. To ensure the longevity of both the shive and the cask, as well as to maintain the integrity of the seal, it’s crucial to use the recommended shive tool during installation. This tool is tailored for the exact dimensions and design of our screw in shive. Using alternative or non-specific tools can lead to improper fitting, potential damage to the shive, or even the cask itself, and may result in leaks or compromised container integrity. It’s always best to pair our shives with the shive tool to ensure a hassle-free and efficient sealing process.



One Supplied


Mild Steel


Half Inch Drive Ratchet


Emmerald Polymers Shives

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