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Screw in Shives

Our screw in shives are designed specifically for sealing the shive bush on plastic firkins. When paired with the threaded shive, a shive provides a secure and effective seal. The use of the shive tool is required for proper installation, sold seperately. Shives play an essential role in the brewing process, ensuring containers remain sealed, thus preserving the quality of the brew. A tight seal is crucial to prevent leaks and maintain the integrity of the contents.

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Optimise your brewing operations with our screw in shives, now in stock and ready to order from our experienced team. Shives are available for immediate despatch, bagged, in both small and bulk quantities. With a current inventory of over ten thousand units, we are prepared to meet your needs promptly and efficiently. Don’t risk running low on essential supplies. Reach out to our dedicated team today to schedule your next delivery.

Additional Info

Our screw in shive has been designed specifically for use with Emmerald Polymers casks, ensuring a precise fit and optimal sealing performance when paired with these particular containers. To ensure the longevity of both the shive and the cask, as well as to maintain the integrity of the seal, it’s crucial to use the recommended shive tool during installation. This tool is tailored for the exact dimensions and design of our screw in shive. Using alternative or non-specific tools can lead to improper fitting, potential damage to the shive, or even the cask itself, and may result in leaks or compromised container integrity. It’s always best to pair our shives with the shive tool to ensure a hassle-free and efficient sealing process.



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